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We have a lot of customers ask us daily 'What is the best de-icer? What do I need to use'.
There are several different products for you to choose from. They all will melt ice, but there are a few differences.
Rock salt is widely used and it is inexpensive compared to many other products. The lowest effective temperature for rock salt is +20F, it is relatively slow and ineffective when the weather is cold. It is also corrosive on metals, can damage lawns, plants, decks and cement.

Calcium and magnesium blends are more expensive, but melt ice at much lower temperatures and are much less damaging to your surroundings.
Calcium Chloride has its lowest effective temperature down at -25F. As it dissolves, it releases a significant amount of heat, so it is faster and more effective than many other ice melters.
Magnesium Chloride has its lowest effective temperature at 0F, with a very similar performance to the Calcium Chloride mentioned above.
Both Calcium and Magnesium Chloride are is much less corrosive, and gentler on vegetation as well as pet safe. However, they can be damaging if over applied and large quantities are directly applied to lawns and vegetation.

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Since 1889, Carhartt has been the leader in durable, premium quality workwear. Whether you are looking for a garment in our signature brown duck fabric or one of our innovative, technically advanced fabrics like Waterproof Breathable, we have the most complete line of workwear available

 We offer a complete line of Benjamin Moore® products for virtually every project you have. From surface preparation products, to a wide array of coatings in sheens and formulas for every requirement. Whatever the job demands, we have what you need.

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